Re: Re: Sarracenia

Sandra Contantino - Investigadora Dpto. de Biologia (
Tue, 26 Sep 1995 12:41:57 -0500 (BOGOTA)

Hi to all!

I am new in cp. I am a Colombian Biologist working in biotechnology, and
although dealing at present with passionflowers and tree ferns, my main
interest focuses on biotechnological means <examples, case studies,
special reports> to conserve threatened tropical plants such as some CP <I
suppose there must be some>.

Some body told me that some years ago there used to be a very common cp in
the Colombian Andes, above 3500 m in elevation, until an exotic grass,
Pennisetum clandestinum <in spanish called Kikuyo>, was introduced.

This grass grows sow quickly and invades in such a way that the cp went
almost extinct.

Does somebody know what am I talking about _

Sandra Constantino