Re: New member, winterizing VFT's...

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Sun, 24 Sep 1995 10:14:18 +0100

On 22 Sep 95 at 7:52, wrote:

> I have been monitoring this group for about a month now, since the
> time that I bought a small VFT (the novelty-sized kind). Please
> don't jump on my back about how rare they are and that they should
> 't be bought as "novelties", etc... this one said it was
> propagated from tissue... (or so they say). Anway, it has been
> doing remarkably well in the month or so that I"ve had it. I keep
> it in the small 10oz pot it came in. The pot is inside a 2-gal
> fishbowl, with an 1.5 inches of water in the bottom. I keep a lid
> on the bowl to keep the humidity up, and I toss a housefly into
> the "terrariu " at least once a week.
> As I said, I think the plant is doing quite well. When I got it,
> it had a _lot_ of tiny traps on it (about .25" each) and maybe two
> larger ones (.5"). Now it has a lot of tiny ones, but about 5 or 6
> that are at least 1" and a couple of mid-sized ones.

Doesn't sound like you need our advice on the plant - it seems
to be doing very well. Don't worry about buying a VFT - at least
over here in Europe, I'd be most surprised if any plants were taken
from habitat - they are too easy to grow and propagate for that.
As for rarity, I have no idea whether or not they are rare in
habitat, but this is certainly one plant that is never going to be
rare in culitvation.

You shouldn't really need to keep the plant covered - unless you
have got it in a very dry area. As long as it is stood in water
(should be lime-free - I use rainwater rather than our alkaline
tap water) is should be fine - it can catch its own flies then!

> This brings me to the point of my message. I know I have to
> "winterize" my plant relatively soon. Could someone please tell
> me exactly what I have to do and when I have to do it?

This depends a lot of the ambient temperature you are keeping
the plant in. I guess they might not like a room at 20C/68F
through the short dark days of Winter, but if you can keep it
somewhere cooler, then it shouldn't need special treatment.
Mine are quite happy in the greenhouse with Winter temps down
do 7C/45F. They don't grow, but don't lose their leaves either.
Some people keep them in refrigerators or the like if their
conditions are totally unsuitable.

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