Paul Zahl, Phipps Conservatory

Walter Greenwood (
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 10:55:14 EST5EDT

Paul Zahl was my childhood hero - the Indiana Jones of field biology.
Incidentally, The North American CP in the 1961 article came from
Carolina Biological Supply Co., and were probably all field-collected.
Many of us were not so concerned about this issue in 1961, were we?

Not so incidentally, something I have been waiting 20 years for is
finally happening - Phipps Conservatory here in Pittsburgh is starting
a CP collection, and the wonderful people behind it are very serious
about it. Ellen York has just returned from the weekend's east coast
convention with a fine bunch of plants courtesy of Atlanta Botanic
Garden and other generous folks. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ron,
Henning, etc. - you know who you are. Ellen York and Chris Barnhill
are working hard both to acquire the plants and to plan and implement
the changes needed to house them, and I am on hand to do whatever I
can to help. It promises to be a spectacular addition to Pittsburgh's
botanic scene [,man] and I hope many of you can come visit when it
is all in place. I'll keep you all posted as to it's progress.

If anyone cares to contribute plant material to the collection,
drop Ellen ( or me ( a note.
After years of giving stuff to Longwood, I can verify that it is cool
to have your own plants on public display in a major botanic garden.
Hint, hint. ;-)

'til later