National Geographic articles

robert korfhage (
Sat, 23 Sep 95 21:25:03 EDT

A couple of weeks ago, toward the beginning of the thread on drinking from
Nepenthes pitchers, someone mentioned an article in the May 1964 National
Geographic. Well, I was just cleaning out my attic and came across the
article, which I had cut out and saved. It's by Paul Zahl, and entitled
"Malaysia's Giant Flowers and Insect-trapping Plants." The photos are great,
including those of both people and an orangutan taking a sip. I also
discovered that I had saved another NG argicle by Paul Zahl. This is "Plants
That Eat Insects," and it appeard in the May 1961 issue. No Nepenthes here,
but fine photos of VFT, Sarracenia, and Drosera. Plus some of Zahl and his
family at work with their plants.

Bob Korfhage