Kevin Snively (
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 00:46:47 -0700 (PDT)

Autumn has arrived. This use to be a depressing time for
me, but no longer. First there is the harvest, this year
besides the Dionaea seed I was blessed with seed from my
_D. regia_ for the first time. I've been trying to
propagate this plant for two years now. Last year I tried
to make root cuttings with out luck. This year it Bloomed!
When my _D. hilaris_ bloomed in the spring I thought I'd
let it do things the natural way. I was not rewarded with
seed. Worse the one and only specimen I had started taking
a nose dive. I determined this wouldn't see the _D. regia_
go the same way, so as the flowers opened I hand pollinated.
Good thing I did the stamens and stigmas would never have
come together on their own. A few weeks ago the capsules
started coming full term and I sowed the first of the seed.
Two days ago the first seeds started germinating, and with
cooler weather setting in the _D. hilaris_ is now making a
come back. (is it a winter grower?)

As these things go on the tuberous (bulbous) _Drosera_ in
my green house have began making their annual appearances
with the first star out on the stage _D. whitakeri_ the
others should be up in the next few weeks if all goes well.
It is almost like getting two springs a year. Thank you
Southern Hemisphere!


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