Private live of Plants
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 19:14:24 -0400

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>The 10/95 issue of Natural History features a glowing review of David
>Attenborough's book and 6-part nature documentary, "The Private Life
>of Plants". The magazine includes a photo of Attenborough's mug peering
>over the mug (or pitcher, that is) of a Nepenthes rajah.
>Showtime on TBS is listed as October 9-14. Anyone have more info on the
>actual timing? (I'll have to check that I get TBS.)
>Michael Chamberland

Actually, I saw the book in Barnes & Noble the other day. There is nice
article about 10 pages long and beautiful pictures of NN. ampularia,
rafflesiana, lowii and villosa, as well as H. nutans, and some pictures of
Drosera, I didn't reed the entire article but it sounded pretty good. I
think I might have to buy it.