Genlisea in Roraima

Fernando Rivadavia Lopes (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 14:59:48 -0500 (CDT)


> G. guyanensis we have fond in a small swamp in the
> savannah and the leaves are linear (remembering a little bit at
> vallisneria) and up to maybe 10 cm in length! It has violet flowers at a
> quite long flower stalk; the plants did not look quite healthy, maybe
> they are growing seasonally; the next relative of it is G.
> sanariaponensis, which is growing in the S-Western parts of Venezuela in
> Puerto Ayacucho; unfortunately we did not find it;
> It exist a fine key of Genlisea of Venezuela, when I remember right, it
> is from Steyermark; if you want, I can send you a copy;

Leaves 10cm long! Wow, that must be cool! How high were the
peduncles? How big were the flowers? If you can send me a copy, I would
be very happy. I hope you took lots of pictures, so that I can see them
at the end of the year when I visit you guys!

> species with mostly yellow, sometimes white or violet flowers. Another
> quite outstanding specie was U. fimbriata with leaves ordered in a
> rosette, remembering a little bit at Genlisea; another specie grew
> exactly at the edge (in water!) of a maybe 20 - 40 meter waterfall;
> sorry, when we have been there, in 1986, we did not determine all the
> smaller unspectacular species; we collected some samples of living
> material, but we couldn^t keep them alive over the years. I still have
> some slides of the Utrics, but I fear it won^t help to determine it.

U.fimbriata is one I'd dearly like to see in the wild (not to
mention all those larger species you mentioned)! I often find it's close
cousin, U.simulans, around here. I'll try and help you identify the
Utrics through the slides you have. But we'll need Taylor's book to help.
I imagine Jan must have a copy.

> It would be great, to meet you in January; In Germany, we are not too far
> from each other (Jan, Andreas, Thomas Carow and me are maybe 250 km from
> each other; Jan is fortunately in the same town with me!); when you are
> in Munich maybe you should have a look to the Botanic Garden of
> Munich; they have a quite nice collection.

Nothing's too far away in Europe!! I would sure like to see the
Munich Botanic Garden, though I don't think there would be many CPs to
see. I still have to tell Thomas I'll be going there. I haven't had time
to put my mail up to date and haven't written a letter to anyone since
May or June!

Fernando Rivadavia
Sao Paulo, Brazil