Re: Re: Sarracenia

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 21 Sep 95 17:36 EDT

> From: Clarke Brunt <clarke@BRUNT.DEMON.CO.UK>
> Subject: Re: Sarracenia
> Yes. If the pitchers are open at the top, so that rain would fall in,
> then I assume that it what happens naturally. If you put too much
> water in, they will fall over and tip it out again - again I guess
> this is just natural.

Yes, the plants will do better with some water in the traps.
leave them about half full.

> Yes - I've read this too. One of Slack's books? We had some
> discussion on this a while back. I think people said it was OK to do
> this. I haven't done it with mine because I haven't got a container
> large enough to take the Sarracenia pot and the water.

This is not very practical and not needed. Mulch them with grass
clippings guys! They can handle the grass. ;-)

> My S. psittacina have never grown very quickly. I have four plants,
> which grew (with other kinds) from a packet of mixed seed about
> 5 years ago. The largest 'leucophylla' type from this sowing is now
> a huge plant, whereas the psittacina now have a diameter (pitcher tip
> to pitcher tip - they grow flat to the ground) of about 5 inches/13cm
> and have not yet flowered.

Umm... Since S.psittacina is hit or miss in respect to catching food,
it is a good idea to fertilize the plants that aren't getting food on
their own. Use 1/4 or 1/3 the strength dilution of whatever amount is
used for houseplants. When it is applied use a sprayer and try to get
some of the solution into the leaves but it should also be watered into
the soil. I know people are cringing by just from reading this but I
tried this this year and the plants which got fertilized are now twice
the size of those which weren't, one is pushing a foot in diameter. I
applied this fertilizer three times over the season. These are outdoor
plants and they are growing in peat topped w/ living sphagnum which
also enjoyes the fertilizer, turning a deep green after application.

Dave Evans