Re: CP digest 474

John Phillips (
Thu, 21 Sep 95 08:01:38 CST

In Message Wed, 20 Sep 1995 17:05:46 -0700, (John Walker) writes:
erhaps it may be insects. My ping catches alot of tiny black winged (I
>think) bugs. These bugs jump away when I try to smash them. From prevous
>discussions I think they may be thrips?
>Anyhow, I will try some weak diazanon a couple of times and see if it makes
>any difference. Thanks for the advice!
>John Walker,
I've never seen thrips jump, these could be springtails which live in wet
places and are harmless. Still it sounds like something is attacking your
plants. Do they get enough air circulation? Perhaps a fungus could be dining
on your plants, although the dying immature pitchers and the curly
capensis leaves sound like the work of spider mites, aphids or some other
SMALL arthropods. Careful with pesticides on Drosera. I've found the leaves
to be rather sensitive.
John Phillips