Re: Re: VFT takes ill suddenly

John Walker (
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 15:38:59 -0700

On 9/18 Joe wrote,

>Hey!? what can cause a VFT 's leaves to turn yellow on the edges and then
>Next the spikes on the trap start to brown. It's not the eldest leaves that
>are affected first, the ones at the highest point went first. The poor plant
>is looking pretty bad right now.
>1. I can't tell if it's due to a drop in the outdoor humidity.
>2. or if I've fed it some De-ionized water with sodium.
>3. or maybe calcium buildup from the occasional tapwater (that I slipped it
>when nobody was looking) (I let the tapwater stand for a few days to let
>the chlorine escape, so that can be ruled out)
>4. Is this a symptom of root rot?
>5. Or is it getting ready for fall dormancy?
>---Any advice or contributions would be deeply appreciated. --- Joe


I have been having the exact same problems with my VFT's. In addition the
traps have started to become malformed looking more like a lower case "b" as
opposed to an upper case "D" before opening. As this is the first year that
I have been able to keep them alive for more than a few weeks, I don't have
much of a clue. I recently moved my 10 gallon fish tank from a dark room to
a window that looks out over a South facing patio. The plants get no direct
light this way but it's the best I can do. I also increased the amount of
light the plants are getting by placing them under six compact flourescent
bulbs. The 10" x 20" tank is now getting over 10,000 lumens of light. The
temps have stayed at 72F-93F, and the humidity is still in the 55%-90% range.

I thought that either the VFT roots had grown down into the water tray (I
don't see any sticking out of the pot holes) or that the plants might be
trying to go dormant.

Now I have additional symptoms. The last two new pitchers on my S. purpurea
have failed to develope properly and turned brown without ever opening. My
D. Capenses has leaves that are twisting up like a cork screw althogh they
still produce plenty of dew and do not appear to be dying. I now wonder if
this is all happening because of the new growing arraingment or that there
must be a difficiency in one of the growing parameters. My Ping seems to be
doing just fine BTW.

Perhaps the plants needed to adjust more slowly to the brighter light or
they are reacting to the indirect ultraviolet light comming in through the
window. And now I hear that your VFT's are experiencing the same plight.

I am also hoping that others on the list will be able to shed some light on
the subject.

Happy growing,

John Walker,