Re: Vinegar

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 18 Sep 95 16:05 EDT

> From: TracieW502@AOL.COM Subject: Vinegar
> Hello everyone...
> I have a question.. I read somewhere once ( I am not sure if it was
> this mailing list or not.) that a few drops of vinegar can be added
> to a gallon of water to lower the PH. I now have access to a man made
> well that I can use as water for my plants. I would like to use this
> water for my CPs but because of the area that I am now living in
> (northern Florida, USA) I suspect that this water has a high PH. I
> would like to lower this natural and free water ( I have been using
> distilled water before) as a source for my plants.
> Does anyone know anything about adding vinegar to water? And is it a
> possibility that vinegar added to the water could harm the plants?

Vinegar is a no-no with CP in my book. The acid used to lower pH
is sulfuric acid, it combines with the Ca++, calcium ions, and becomes
a solid precipitate. Vinegar is fairly poisonness to CP.

Dave Evans