VFT takes ill suddenly

Sun, 17 Sep 1995 18:07:22 -0400

Hey!? what can cause a VFT 's leaves to turn yellow on the edges and then
Next the spikes on the trap start to brown. It's not the eldest leaves that
are affected first, the ones at the highest point went first. The poor plant
is looking pretty bad right now.
1. I can't tell if it's due to a drop in the outdoor humidity.
2. or if I've fed it some De-ionized water with sodium.
3. or maybe calcium buildup from the occasional tapwater (that I slipped it
when nobody was looking) (I let the tapwater stand for a few days to let
the chlorine escape, so that can be ruled out)
4. Is this a symptom of root rot?
5. Or is it getting ready for fall dormancy?
---Any advice or contributions would be deeply appreciated. --- Joe