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John Phillips (
Fri, 15 Sep 95 10:10:42 CST

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>Hello, my name is Tom Hanley. I have been growing CPs for about 4-5 years.
>Recently I had an article published in the ICPN detailing some of the
>different ways I have used to grow CPs ("The Truth About Carnivorous Plants
>is Hard to Find"). I have just signed on to this group about a week ago. I
>am having quite good luck,except for one oddity. On most all of my pitcher
>plants (most species) an increasing number of "bumps" are present from the
>crown upwards. To better describe these "bumps" I would say they remind me of
>the pest called Scale commonly found on outside shrubs and foliage. These
>bumps are brown and could also be healed over scabs from some sort of bite.
>When scraped away the bump seams whitish brown on the underside with no
>noticeable liquid seen.
These bumps sound a lot like scale to me. How large are they?
John Phillips