Damanhur (damanhur@icom.icom.it)
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 17:09:38 +0100


They want to destroy the Temple of Mankind! The 4,000 cubic meter
underground city that we built into the rock entirely by hand in 16 years of
work now risks to be demolished by order of the Italian Courts that want to
prevent us from completing the work. The building now is in fact only one
tenth of the global project: they want to destroy a monument to mankind's
creative power, a work that is a symbol for everybody, the proof of the
strenght of a group moved by a common goal, beyond all dogmas and mainstream
reductive common places.

The Temple of Mankind is a book etched into the stone telling the story of
mankind's evolution. It has halls and corridors exquisitely decorated with
mosaics, paintings, sculptures, china and stained glass - among which the
largest glass dome in the world. It is one of the most precious achievements
of the 20 years of life and spiritual research of a new forming people, the
people of Damanhur.

The Catholic Church (which in Italy still controls political and social life
from behind the scenes), the prejudice of all those who do not accept a
different way of thinking and living, the notorious Italian bureaucracy, are
all contributing to the distruction of the building. And this in spite of
the fact that the local Heritage Commission, as well as experts from all
over the world have declared it a work of art.

The Temple is a good belonging to the whole of mankind, a symbol of human
creativity, of spiritual research, of the quest for beauty. And spiritual
researchers from all over the world are coming to Damanhur to visit and
meditate in the Temple. But soon all this will not exist anymore.

We ask everybody to help us save the entire project - and the part we have
already built by sending a petition by fax to:

First Minister, Mr. Lamberto Dini, Italy , fax + 39/6/6783998, 6791131
Heritage Minister, Mr. Antonio Paolucci, Italy + 39/6/67847491, 69941807
President of Region Piedmont, Mr. Enzo Ghigo, Italy, fax +39/11/4323650


If you wish, you may also contact us at:
Damanhur - 10080 Baldissero Canavese (TO) ITALY
tel. +39/124/512239 , fax: +39/124/512150

Damanhur is a Federation of Communities located in northern Italy, that
counts 700 citizens. Damanhur has its own social, political and economic
structure, based on the practical application of a spiritual philosophy.
Damanhur is a community of free, independent individuals.

The Federation is located on a territory of 180 hectars and owns
buildings including private homes, productive plants, laboratories and

Damanhur has its own elective bodies, a Constitution and a currency, the
Credit. There are internal schools for children up to 13 years of age, a
daily paper and a weekly paper. The Federation has founded 40 enterprises in
many industries such as the food industry, textiles, art laboratories,
building, information technology and publishing.

Damanhur is a way of living and thinking based on experimentation, on play
and on transformation in order to overcome limiting habits and to upen up to
new empowering visions of reality. Very important is research in all fields
- from the social one to alternative energies, from the arts to physics.

In an historical moment in which more and more peoples and races are
extinguishing, making all mankind poorer in culture and diversity, Damanhur
is creating a human group with its own artistic, philosophical and cultural
expression, a new people based on the exaltation of the differences among
individuals, differences made precious and irreplaceable by the pursuit of a
common goal. According to the philosophy inspiring Damanhur's
accomplishments, every human being shares an original divine nature, that
expresses itself through potentialities to be re-awakened.

Artistic expression in all its forms is at the heart of Damanhur's
spiritual path. The quest for beauty and the arts are the most powerful
means to give substance to the hallowing of time and space, that today finds
one of its concrete expressions in the Temple of Mankind.

The Temple, the underground building of recognized artistic value, known
all over the world, is a collective work built entirely by hand by the
citizens of the Federation of Damanhur in 16 years of work. The Temple is
dedicated to the celebration of human creativity, to the plurimillenary
esoteric history and knowledge. It is an initation journey, the ritualized
reproduction of the inner rooms of every human being. Walking through its
halls and corridors means going deep inside one's spiritual core, on a path
toward the recomposition of mankind's original sacredness.