Re: Sarr. and scale. :-(

John Phillips (
Thu, 14 Sep 95 08:28:15 CST

>Any surefire ways of getting rid of scale on Sarrs?
> Janice Ritter Boston, MA
I've always had good luck w/ Safers insecticidal soap. 2 or 3 applications
have taken care of scale, mealy bugs and thrip infestations on my Sarrs. You
can find it hardware and garden supply stores. I beleive some on this list
may not agree, but it has always worked for me. Just don't use it on Drosera
sp.'s. I came by my own bias against most insecticides through my fathers
research on pesticides in the environment and their rate of decay. It is a
bias, but when one looks at our cumulative effect as human beings, the least
toxic alternatives seem the best to me. Environmental degradation is still
environmental degradation. I'll climb off my soap box now...;-)
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