Sun, 10 Sep 1995 10:42:59 -0400

My name is Joe and I live in Apopka, Florida (USA). It was with great
pleasure that I found your group last weekend and downloaded all of last
year's discussions along with a bunch of other goodies . I have been
collecting CP's off and on for some years now (whenever I could find them). I
first got the bite as a child after reading the National Geographic May 1961
article on CP's by Paul Zahl. I annoyed my mom so much that she called Mrs.
Zahl to find out where to get those darn plants....

---- Has anyone experimented with 24 hour photoperiods on CP's?
So far D.capillaris and VFT have responded quite well. Being in a terrarium
might have helped in my experiment though.
--- How is the Carnivorous CD project coming along? If you need any drawings
let me know. I also have a microscope for those closeup views. Will pic's
of Drosera seeds be put into the database for identification purposes?
---- Does anybody have some pygmy or african drosera for trade or sale? --or
just a good source, I'm having difficulty finding anything. please let me
know at ---JRoegner@AOL.COM