Re: Root stimulants

Ben Levin (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 22:35:34 -0400 (EDT)

I got this in response to a discussion on Superthrive and other
related growth stimulants on bionet.plants (on tin). I thought it would
be of interest.
I must personally confess that I have recently read myself that NAA
(naphthyl-1-acetic acid, the analog of the natural plant hormone
indole-3-acetic acid) is toxic, the reason for it not being used
commercially anymore.

These so called stimulants are usually derived from seaweed fermented.
They do contain rich sources of natural micro-nutrients which can
easily be obtained from less expensive sources. Super Thrive, by virtue
of containing the plant growth regulator NAA is sold illegally in
the US. It must be registered with the US EPA under CFR40.180 "FIFRA".
They claim that the product is not toxic but the law does not
differentiate between toxic or non toxic as a criteria.

One product which does have plant growth stimulation and has been
proved by extensive testing is Rhizopon AA Water Soluble Tablets. This
product is registered as a PGR with EPA. It has been shown to improve
fibrous root mass when transplanting young plants. The product also is
used to root most plant cuttings. In the case of transplanting, the
product has been used since 1939 to improve the growth of young rose
bushes. Traditionally rose bushes are transplanted, for floriculture,
after growing two years. These plants cost about $4.00 each in the US.
The growers now use one year plants at a cost of about $1.75. The bare
roots are immersed in solution for 5 to 10 minutes at 3-5 tablets per
liter water. The plants are then planted in media. The new 1 year
transplants produce as much flower yield in the first yr as 2 year
plants. The cost of treatment per plant in only a penny or so. In our
tests the JP Simplicity self rooted rose bush produced 60 percent more
flowers than control plants. In the case of tomatoes there is a higher
fruit mass.

The Rhizopon can be obtained from many horticultural supply companies.
One major supplier is E. C. Geiger, Inc. 800-4-GEIGER. Ask for Curt
Thimm. They ship worldwide.

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