Red VFT, True from seed?

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Tue, 05 Sep 95 22:15 EDT

There has been some discussion about whether or not various froms of VFT
breed true form seed. I can not address this directly. However, if the
variant is due to a, or several, recessive mutations, it would breed
true. This is because it would have to be homozygous for the mutation,
or all of them if there were multiple mutations. If, however, the new
variant is due to a particular combination of alleles, not all of which
are homozygous, the variant will not breed true because a fraction of it's
progeny would receive that same combination of alleles. I don't know if
this helps, but some of the discussion seemed a bit confusing to me.
Wayne Forrester

Hi, Could someone explain what alleles are? At atleast some of the
offspring will get an/the all red combo right? I'm going to grow
the seed off my red VFT which flowered last month and produced pol-
len, that was a problem for me in the past, the seed will be ready
soon and I'm going to sow half of it right away and half will be strat-
ified. I've heard that seed from this clone doesn't germinate though,
but that my be a result of giving them to much care :). It will be a
while, like maybe a year, before any conclusions can made as to whether
the trait can past on to the next generation. I'd like to add that when
the All Red VFT grows out they lose some of their redness but red does
still occur in all parts of plant except the roots, petals, and anthers
yes even the stigma has a bit of red. Now it would be great to get a
cross between this one and the plant with the red petals going.

Dave Evans