sorry: Re: Whats the "carrot" thing on my D. Cap.?

Andreas Wistuba (
Tue, 05 Sep 1995 20:10:06 GMT

Hello all!
I hope nobody got my stupid comment regarding the "carrot" wrong.
Sorry! It was meant as a joke (...well, a stupid joke, I admit after
having read it myself on CP....well, that's my strange sense of
The "carrots" are the usual behaviour of D. capensis to get
ground-contact again if the plant has grown too large and high. They
are nothing to worry about. When the thick root (the "carrot") has
reached ground the plant should grow better. Do not remove the
structure. Similar behaviour can be seen in other plants that grow
high and also other Droseras like D. glabripes, D. madagascariensis,
D. petiolata (upright types), D. banksii and many more.



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