Please do not write: "Re: CP digest xyz"

Andreas Wistuba (
Fri, 01 Sep 1995 06:09:43 GMT

I'm not sure whether I'm the only one who dislikes subjects like "Re:
CP digest xyz" but as they become more and more frequent here I'd like
to ask the subscribers in digest mode to take a few seconds by
manually typing the real subject according to their digest.
I must admit that at least I do not read every posting but the ones
which sound interesting from their subject simply because I'm very
short of time currently. Postings with this cryptic subjects often
remain unread and I'd bet that many other readers have the same time
problems and cannot read every posting.
Another reason is that good modern mail readers are able to thread
mails the same way as Newsreaders can thread news. However the threads
are sorted according to the subject and "Re:CP digest xyz" simply
breaks the threads.
Just a suggestion......:-)


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