Re: Darlingtonia

Ron Schlosser (RonS@nesbbx.rain.COM)
Mon, 28 Aug 95 19:20:02 PST

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> On August 24, Barry Meyers-Rice wrote:
> >The plants are in a container about 15 cm deep. The planting medium is a
> >50/50 mix of peat moss and perlite, with a top dressing of pure perlite to
> >make the soil nice and white (to minimize solar heating of the medium).
> Could the perlite-topped soil possibly be the cure to overheating of
> Darlingtonia roots?
> I just lost about %70 of my seedlings probably to high root temps, and I'm
> not gonna waste any more $$$ on seeds unless I can solve that problem.

Not knowing where you live and the daytime temps that you are having
makes it a little difficult to reply, bu I'll try. I really don't think
that perlite would help all that much. Here in Oregon what plants I've
seen growing or pictures of where they are growing would indicate that
you would want shading for the seedlings. Remember, all CP are growing
in association with other plants which modify the surroundings. CP grown
in a collection tend to be a mono culture without any other vegitation in
the pots. I put some Pinguicula grandiflora outside where it was shaded
by the pitchers of S. flava and they did real well.
So to reply to your question, keep the seedlings moist, cool, and

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