Re: Question on Superthrive

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 28 Aug 95 19:00 EDT

> From: Dhalsim/Raiden <bonito@THECITY.SFSU.EDU>
> 1. If my plants are growing well, will superthrive make them grow
> better such as producing larger traps or bigger pitchers?

Superthrive is good to use on plants that have been or will
shocked like for transplanting. Some Nepenthes grower have used
it to help some species pitcher, often with very good results.

> 2.How often should I use superthrive, and whats the best dose?
> The directions sat I should use a drop per gallon, but in a 4 inch wide
> saucer tray, how much should I use?

I'm not sure I understand you... But when dealing with Superthive
and CP it would good to use a lower than what is shown on the box
dose. It's effects can be magnified on slow growers. Start with
a dose you feel is safe, if you see no effect then go to a higher

> 3. I have 1 self watering pot which stores water at the bottom and
> the soil sucks it up when needed. Is it safe to mix superthrive and water
> and put this mixture in the water tray instead of just water?

Umm... when you find out let us know.

> 4.Can superthrive kill my CP's if I put too much in the water mixture?


Barry this one might be good for you. Drosera leave cuttings
dipped in the ten drops per quart dose explode with foliar
embryos. Maybe those bulb forming Drosera might give better
results with this treatment. Of course having no bulbous
Drosera, I've not tried this myself but...

Dave Evans