John Phillips (
Mon, 28 Aug 95 09:26:28 CST

>My Cephalotus don't seem to be growing much, and I'm not sure what I am
>doing wrong...perhaps overwatering. I'm not sure how much water they
>like. The Nepenthes aren't bothered at all by any excess water.
Try providing your plant a higher humidity and warmer temperatures. I grow
mine outside on a 3rd floor balcony in Berkeley where it gets afternoon sun.
It didn't really start growing till I covered its pot with the top a plastic
water jug with the cap on. It loves the higher temperatures and humidity
during the day. I also put diluted orchid fertilizer in its traps since the
water jug keeps out any prey. Mine likes the open perlite/bark/gravel/peat
compost I usually use for my Nepenthes, and it likes it wet. It started
blooming yesterday and I'm hoping for a crop of seeds. I believe Geoff Wong
has also had good luck with his by using some sort of dome covering.
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