Re: Evergreen?

Jan Schlauer (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 13:22:27 +0100

Dear Dave,

>Maybe they aren't evergreen, but I
>don't know a better word to describe plants that don't shed their
>leaves in the fall. non-deciduous? It = evergreen right?
>Possibly (probably) Wrong, Dave Evans
>P.S. Perhaps Jan could shed some light?

Well, I doubt I am a specialist in these questions (perhaps Dr.Barry could
tell us more) but I think you are possibly (probably) not wrong. Evergreen
seems to be quite a correct opposite of deciduous. _Sarracenia purpurea_ is
AFAIK not normally deciduous. However, it tends to form different leaves
(phyllodia) previous to hibernation and leaf production may be reduced
during winter. On the other hand, it is (?) not woody, and thus it should
be regarded as a perennial rhizomatous herb by virtue of an
underground/rooting stem (rhizome) which is rather insensitive to winter
damage, the essentially evergreen leaves may or may not be damaged by frost
(Canada vs. SE USA!).

Kind regards