Double-flowered D. capensis

Peter Cole (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 11:35:08 GMT

Here's a puzzler for the droseraphiles on the list - one of my D. capensis
has produced a double/twinned flower: 8 petals surrounding 2 pistils and
2 rings of stamens, all definitely arising from a single bud. Does anyone
know if this is likely to be a trait that can be stablilsed? ie: will seed
from this bud produce double-flowered offspring? I know it seems unlikely
to me, but I'm not enough of a biologist/geneticist to be quite sure, and
it would be pretty cool.
It's just a shame I don't have a suitable lens to take a closeup photo
before it shrivels.

...and since noone else has mentioned it, and I'm a complete pedant :) (Steven Klitzing) writes:

> Angry Red Planet - 1950's film where astronauts get attacked by
> CP's on Mars including a giant amoeba with a large rotating eye.

...but amoebae are not plants (not to mention the problematics of
unicellular organisms developing specialised, multicellular organs
like eyes ;)
Sorry - I couldn't resist it.

Happy growing,