Kevin Snively (ksnive@premier1.net)
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 21:16:05 -0700 (PDT)

>> One more thing. This might sound crazy, but has anyone tried
>> growing Cephalotus outside in the above mentioned region (either
>> successfully or not)? |)
>It's not crazy, I'm growing a Cephalotus outside this year in my
>bog and I am going to winter it there. Kevin Snively, I believe,
>reported that he wintered one outside and it lived with next to
>no protection. It has been out there for several months now and
>I am going to mulch it, and pray, so it might make it. I believe
>that many times Sarracenia will die from *freeze drying* of growth
>point so it appears that they died from the cold.

It is crazy. It's been nearly two full summers sense
the winter I froze that plant and it is just now getting back
to 1/2 the size it was before I started my experiments on it.
When I first wrote about it, it was out of surprise and pleasure
at seeing it again. The 2nd time it was intended as a don't
throw that plant out even if your green house did freeze sort
of thing. At the time I had lots of extra cuttings and wanted
to see if it could take it and it did. I don't think it could
take it twice in a row. The temps that year got down to about
17 deg. F. for a week at their lowest, and the plant was only
covered with a light piece of row cover in a two Gal pot. It
was on the bleeding edge of what the plant could stand and is
not recommended practice as a horticultural Technique.


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