CPs in Science Fiction Movies

Steven Klitzing (stevek@informix.com)
Wed, 23 Aug 1995 08:20:59 -0700

Hi all:

Here are some of the films that I recall had carnivorous plants
in them:

Angry Red Planet - 1950's film where astronauts get attacked by
CP's on Mars including a giant amoeba with a large rotating eye.

Day of the Triffids - 1960's film about CPs from outer space who
attack Britain. Saltwater destroys them.

The Lost Continent - 1960's oddball story about ships caught in the
Sargasso sea. Bad guys have a spanish galleon with a trap door
behind which are the mouths of hungry CPs.

The Thing - 1950's film about a vegetable man from outer space that
attacks scientists in the arctic. He hungers for blood, and in the
end the scientists cook him.

Navy vs. the Night Monsters - 1960's film about antarctic CPs that run
rampant on a Pacific Island inhabited by USN personnel. Good old napalm
gets rid of the CPs.

Little Shop of Horrors - 1950's beatnik film about a CP eating people.
It eats them, they become part of the plant, and then they demand to
be fed. Question is, is the story really a disguised criticism of corporate

Many amusing films on CPs, some good, some not so good. Many quite