Re: Nepenthes kampotiana

Kenneth Leong (
Fri, 18 Aug 1995 13:40:35 +1000 (+1000)

> Dear Kenny,
> > I can't distinguish between the two either Jan, and thought I
> >might get out of trouble by just calling my plant by this name - heh
> >heh.
> Not really. Because N.k. is the later name, you should rather use the
> earlier _Nepenthes anamensis_ (priority by several years).
> Kind regards
> Jan

Thanks for that information Jan. I'll get used to using anamensis from
now then. It's just that a friend of mine, all those years ago gave me
one of these for my first nepenthes plant. It was called kampotiana and
then later on, I found out about the other name - anamensis.

>From Kenny.