Re: Nepenthes kampotiana

Kenneth Leong (
Thu, 17 Aug 1995 11:00:24 +1000 (+1000)

> Dear Kenny,
> You wrote:
> (_Nepenthes_) >kampotiana (that's what I call it anyway)
> So could you perhaps be so kind to explain us what you think to be the
> morphological difference(s) between this and _N.anamensis_? I have tried to
> find such but I have failed. TNX a lot.

Hi Jan,

I can't distinguish between the two either Jan, and thought I
might get out of trouble by just calling my plant by this name - heh
heh. By the way, I live in Townsville in Australia where the tropical
species grow really well in greenhouses (with sprinkler systems to keep
the humidity high), but unfortunately, there haven't been any serious CP
distributors up this way. I have to order them from down south where the
climate is far less suitable for many nepenthes. I think there are
just a handful of amateur growers like me over here. VFT's don't do well
here and it's very impractical to grow cobra lilies, which are a shame
because I'd would love to keep these too.

Best regards,