Re: new kid

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 10 Aug 95 21:46 EDT


> I would like to hear brioef anecdotes from interested
> folks about the essence of your love for cps. maybe give me a
> line or two about your occupations, name if you wish, where you
> are from, a few of your favorite cps and why you like them.
> I will use some of your quotes in the articles and I
> will gladly send any resulting publications to those who I
> quote from. please ask me further questions if you choose.
> I will soon be a cp grower. I am friends of Marilee
> and Peter of California Carnivores who are the best!
> Thanks for your help. I'm proud to nkow you.

Welcome to the list Terril,
It might help the public appreciate these plant better if their
beauty and uniqueness are high-lighted in publications instead of
their nefarious habits. I grow these plants because they look
incredible. I remember the first photo of a Nepenthes vine I
saw, at first I couldn't even figure out what I was seeing, it
was just so far from what I was used to, then the image of the
plant took shape in my mind and wammo I've been captivated ever
since. I hope more people can be shown this side of CP (Carni-
vorous Plants).

Dave Evans