VFT leaf cuttings

Seos mac Carthaigh (Seosamh.macCarthaigh@UCG.IE)
Wed, 09 Aug 1995 14:45:44 +0000 (GMT)

Last year I took a leaf cutting of a VFT and it grew into a plant.

This year me efforts have produced black rotten leaves, and no new
plants. Was my first success a fluke?

This is what I do:

I cut a leaf at a point below the soil surface, where the stem is white. The
leaf is a new one almost fully opened up. I cut off the trap. I place the
leaf on some wet VFT soil (peat/sand, 1:1) top side up, and use live sphagnum
moss to stick it down - the leaves always arch up.

I then leave it is a warm shady place, and then it rots :-( Drosera leaf
cuttings grow fine though..

where am I going wrong..?


PS I just had a _Drosera rotundifolia_ (from Bob Maheraj's Canadian seed)
flower. It is bright pink. All the local (Irish) ones here are white. Does
anyone know if North American are usualy pink or does it vary?