salt built-up

joy tang (jtang@HK.Super.NET)
Sun, 6 Aug 1995 20:32:55 +0800

Many of the letters I have been reading mentioned about the salt building up
even though distilled water or RO water was used.

Many replies seemed to be on the quality of the water. Now, I am not saying
that those replies implying that the salt exist in the water are wrong.

I am just wondering that it may be possible that the salts may have been
derived from the insects and other feed the CPs are getting, and the CPs may
be getting rid of them via the roots.

In the natural state, those salt will be leached away into the bog on a long
journey towards the sea.

But in the nice little pots we are keeping them in...ahem..and topping up
only for evaporation, is it possible that the salt will continue to
accumlate from their food.

I mentioned in my earlier letter that I use tap water BUT I throw away the
water in the 'soaking tray' and refill that with the tap water. It may
please the purists that I just got a dehumidifier and I suspect the main
reason for that must have been my CPs .


KC & Joy

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