back on line

Jean Dewitte (
Sun, 06 Aug 95 07:41:00 GMT

Hello everybody, We are back on line. Just returned from a walking tour
through Corsica. I tought P. Corsica was difficult to find but in the
North of the island almost every montain above 1400 meter seems to carry
healthy populations as soon as there is water available. We saw groups
sometimes covering 50 * 10 meter surface. Luckily almost all the people
going up the mounatins do so for hiking, and they ignore the plants, so
there is good hope that the plants will continue to thrive without
collecting. As for the mail, apart from being cut off for three weeks
there were some interesting topics on communication of locations on
which I do have some views. Maybe I come back to this at a later stage.
John De Witte

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