the private life of plants
Fri, 04 Aug 1995 16:58:13 +0930

>I heard that tonight at 6:30, on Gardening Australia, there will
>be a section on growing CP's. It's repeated on Saturday at
>11:30. John, I'll watch out for "The Private Life of Plants",
>thanks for the tip.

Hmm.... I'll have to watch it, they took some footage a long time
ago which included plants from a number of collections and
indicated how to grow pygmy Drosera from gemmae. I wonder if it
is the same footage.

For all you Adelaideans, David Attenborough (sp?) will be giiving
a lecture entitled the "Private life of plants" Friday 18th
August at the Therbarton Theatre. I don't know if there are any
tickets left, but I've got mine :)