VFT Division

Thu, 3 Aug 1995 19:29:41 -0400

Hello everyone.. I have not sent any messages here for a while. Mainly due
to computer problems among other things. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I repotted
a VFT that a friend had given me because it was seriously near death (being
watered with 9.0 ph tap water---I tested our city water once...) and being
left in an area full of shade. When I repotted it, I broke off a part of
the "bulb", I guess you could say, that was made up of cut off leaves from
the plant when they faded. I repotted this section and the original plant in
a fresh (low ph) sphagnum peat mix that I use for my CPs. I am proud to
announce that both "plants" are doing well and the "section" that was broken
off and potted in its own pot is now sprouting new leaves. I know that you
all have heard and probably done this before, but needless to say, this is my
first time and I wanted to tell someone. Also, maybe this will be a little
story of inspiration for our new CP growers on this mailing list. I would
have never thought years ago that I could grow a VFT, let alone propagate a
new one. :)



I am looking for a direct Internet service provider in the US. If anyone has
any information that would be helpful or know of a source, E-mail:
TracieW502@aol.com or TW316@aol.com. Thanks. :)