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Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 14:24:02 +0100

Dear CPers,

Back from Greece, I hope Juerg has made his way safely to Berne. Needless
to say it was a great experience to hike this wonderful country together
with Juerg (who is a perfect excursionist and dirt-road-virtuoso - THANKS
Juerg!), and to visit quite a lot of places with some of the most beautiful
populations of _Pinguicula_ I have seen so far.

We have travelled some 2000 Kms and seen _P.balcanica_ at two sites
(Smolikas & Vardoussia) and various populations of _P.crystallina
subsp.hirtiflora_ (N Pindos, Smolikas, Olympos, Vardoussia, Megaspilaeon,
Styx). We have not found the latter in the Phalakron, Giona, and Parnassos
ranges, so we have not seen "var.gionae" described by CONTANDRIOPOULOS &
QUEZEL some years ago, nor have we visited the islands Euboea and Poros.
Nevertheless, we have gathered some impressions of the variability of this
rather complex taxon, and I hope we will be able to present our results in
a joint paper (CPN) soon.

Kind regards