Re: CP digest 423

Rick Walker (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 11:55:48 -0700

Becky writes:

> I tried to access the Trading Post, but it told me that it wasn't
> there. I also saw much more of HP than I ever intended.

It should be IMPOSSIBLE to get outside of my page into HP if you
only follow the links given.

Connect to:

This is the ONLY correct entry point to the CP WEB pages.

If you start poking around the filesystem randomly, you will find old
deleted files, experimental files, deadends, etc. The names and
organization that I use in the filesystem are for ease of maintainance,
not for ease of browsing.

For instance: all the images are bunched up in one HUGE directory, and
they mostly have incomprehensible names like "0027.jpg". It is the html
LINKING and database features that makes all this into a nicely
organized system.

Many browsers will give you an overview of the raw filesystem if you
connect to just "", but this is NOT how the WEB is
primarily supposed to work. Such functionality is to be used only as a
last resort for debugging, etc. The proper usage is to connect to a
published address, and FOLLOW THE LINKS from there.

To get to the trading page, follow the link labeled "Carnivorous Plant
Trading Post". It is in the first paragraph of the CP Homepage.

Sorry for the use of CAPS. Italics would have been a more appropriate
level of emphasis, but are unavailable in ascii...

I hope this "behind the scenes" explanation is helpful,

Rick Walker