Re: evaporative coolers

John Walker (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 09:17:46 -0700

>Excuse my ignorance...but could some of you guys elaborate a little about
>these Evaporative coolers, how they are built and how they work. And any
>info. on any other ways to cool a green house.
>San Diego, CA
An evaporitive cooler works by pulling in dry outside air and passing it
through a wet filter media (pad) and then sending the air into the (green)
house. This lowers the temperature of the air by increasing it's humidity.
This only works if the outside
air is low in humidity to begin with. If you don't know about swamp coolers
it is probably because they don't work in your area. The wife adds that she
doesn't think temp's in San Diego are all that high in the summer (under
90F?). It's your high humidity that keeps swamp coolers from being usable in
your area.

John Walker