Moss et al.

Aaron Hicks (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 13:08:00 -0600

I had occasion to speak with OFE (a major supplier of orchid supplies,
for those who are sticking to the CPs) today, and found out that the only
suppliers of treefern are out of Guatemala, and that supply is tenuous at
BUT... of greater relevance to the list, I asked about NZ sphagnum-
dried. The fellow I was speaking to had not heard anything about sphagnum
becoming endangered; his understanding was that it was readily re-grown on
existing lands, and that harvesting was not a problem, provided the bogs
where they grow were not destroyed (bogs or other wetlands, I should
Turns out that Chile and China are presenting themselves are major
sphagnum moss suppliers; until now, NZ produced a superior product, but
took so long to distribute it. Now, Chile is turning out high-quality dried
sphagnum, and China may be a major source soon as well. *shrugs*
Just thought I'd add something of relevance (and, presumably,
interest) to the list for a change. :-)

Socorro, NM
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