Re: my trip to Slovakia

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 28 Jul 95 18:15 EDT

> From: ivo koudela <koudela@URE.CAS.CZ>
> Subject: my trip to Slovakia

> seen before. I could not estimate a number of them but surely
> there are tens of thousands of plants. They grew in peat moss,
> under water or at the very edge of the forrest where is much
> drier soil. But what is interesting - unlike usual prostrate
> rosettes, the leaves were often arranged upwards.
> At this time of the year the first flowers just only showed their
> white petals so I could not see any plant in full bloom.
> Well, I hope this description wasn't too boring for you and my
> English wasn't too awkward...

I enjoyed your letter. The sundew is probably D.intermedia - it
grows best when it is coming out very wet muck at the edge of water.

Dave Evans