Peter Cole (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 22:39:19 GMT

> From: "Michael Hasemann" <>

> > It would be fun to have this again with more involved -- might I propose
> > that every Tuesday night be #flytrap night on irc -- and maybe with a
> > compromise on the time, say 10:00 central or mountain time instead of
> > pacific time so that more east-coasters will not be deprived of their
> > beauty sleep? :)
> >
> > I'd like to hear other ideas, if say, more people have a better night to
> > do this. I think it has potential; judging from how plant people of all
> > species love to yak about their plants!
> >
> > Bob
> >
> >
> Hi,
> I was there too (can't say at what time though). Nobody was there.
> Howabout posting times in GMT as well. I think I missed the dis-
> cussion by one or two hours. There were also some access problems
> but once in it works at reasonable speed even here close to the
> polarcircle (propably electrons are faster at cooler temperatures,
> right?).

!?! I always thought they slowed down as they approached
absolute zero... though I hope Finland isn't *that* cold :)

> So, when is the next meeting ? Howabout an alternate meeting
> early in the morning (west coast, so you guys are once early at work
> :-)) ?. That would bring us altogether at a reasonable time.

I'll second that - I popped in at 23:10 GMT for about 40 minutes,
and had an entertaining chat with a non-CPer who wandered in
'off the street' in response to the topic I set (Hi White Dragon
if you've subscribed now.)
A late night Eurogathering for CPers could include East-coast US
Cpers, but I don't know how anyone down under will fit in...
If we start off with several slots (3 or 4 ?) to accommodate all
the different timezones, we'll probably find that they blend
together a bit, but ultimately we can't accomodate everyone in
one time slot.

Just my $2*10^-2 worth...

Happy growing,