VFT Habitat Conditions

Philip Semanchuk (semanchuk~pj@glaxo.com)
Wed, 26 Jul 95 15:50:01 -0400

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> Yep, VFT likes it hot.

For those of you with a numeric bent, you can check the weather
(temp, precipitation & humidity) in Dionea habitat every day via
the Internet. Apologies to our international friends because all
of the data is in U.S. standard inches and degrees Farenheit. If
you have WWW access,


will get you a colorized weather map of the SE United States.
Selecting "All NC Weather Data" from that page will take you to:


On that page select "Climatology Report Daily (Wilmington)" to
get readings for the day. Wilmington is a city right in the
middle of Dionea's remaining habitat.