Deformed VFT leaves

Rogan Roth (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 14:24:11 +200

Dear George (and others with similar problems),

To try and counter the sarchastic comments - I have for several
years now had similar problems with VFT's and several Sarr's - so
much so that I have just about given up with VFT's! I have
ascribed the problem to sub-epidermal mites, i.e. the little
devils that live under the epidermis of the leaf and are safe
from anything but systemic insecticides (organophosphates). I do
know you can use systemic insecticides on Sarr's without any ill
effects but I am not sure whether a VFT is capable of
withstanding the chemical attack. I also have this particular
problem with many Drosera species which end up with horibly
contorted foliage.

Cheers for now.