Re Don't let me kill again
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 08:47:12 +0930


>I recently purchased what looks to be a Drosera adele from a
>local nursery. As soon as I got it home it has taken a turn
>for the worse. The leaves are yellowing from the outside edge
>in, no dew at all. I currently have the plant potted in peat
>(that is the way it came) standing in a tray of rainwater. The
>first or second day I had it the plant got a lot of sun and
>dryed out slightly, so for the last 5 days or so I have kept it
>out of direct sunlight. I am in Connecticut, the days have
>been in the 90s and VERY humid.

D. adelae is from the tropical north of Australia and so it
requires lots of humidity. The best ones I have seen were grown
in a terrarium. I wouldn't keep it in the direct sun but where it
receives filtered light. I have seen specimens kept in very low
light and the leaves have been huge, however the glandular hairs
had also lost their red colouring.

I seem to recall a good article on growing Queensland Sundews
from the archives. Last year? Hmmm....Is there a way of
cataloguing the archives to make it easier to point people to the
relevant places?