Fern Replacement

Sean Mallory (smallory@ouray.cudenver.edu)
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 08:25:52 -0600

I do not know about others experience, but never being able to afford
tree-fern for various things that like it, i have always substituted
coconut fibre (from the husks, which there seem to be an exces of in
the world), and have had reasonable success. Of course, i have little
to compare it to, but i do note that epiphitic ferns get along with
it. The coconut fibre is available in most of the local retail
greenhouses in a variety of forms (mats, basket-liners, batting...).

And once again, in case whomever may know missed it: Can anyone tell
what the prefered pH for Darlingtonia is? And would they be happy in a
(live) non-spagnum moss bed?

Sean Mallory smallory@ouray.cudenver.edu