Re: yet another beginner

John Walker (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 11:23:31 -0700

> I live in Arizona though
>and wonder if the heat and dry air would kill cp's grown outside. I am
>planning on shading my pond which may help the problem. I've noticed
>other Arizona
>on the list and perhaps they would know if this is feasible. Also on
>the same note I was wondering about greenhouse cooling methods. I was
>planning on useing a swamp cooler for the greenhouse. However due to
>the high humidity level which I assume the greenhouse will have this
>may not work. I am open to any suggestions on that also. I would like
>to keep the expense down though or I'll never be able to justify it to
>my husband <g>.


Welcome to the group! I live in Phoenix and may be able to provide a
*little* advice. If your cp's are used to living in indoor conditions or
the conditions of the nursery where you purchased them, they will most
likely die as soon as you put them in the summer sun (March-October). I have
yet to try the "winter " sun. I honestly cannot beleive that cp's can
endure the desert climate unprotected (kept outdoors) for exactly the
opposite reason that they can't be kept unprotected in the far Northeast. If
you have any success with outdoor or full sun conditions, I would sure like
to know aobut it! By the way, what part of AZ do you live in? If you are
in the cooler (higher elevations) areas you may do much better.

As far as a greenhouse goes, a "swamp cooler" would be a cooler, more humid,
and cheaper alternative to AC. AC would leave an environment much to low in
humidity. An evaporitive cooler would not raise humidity to the point that a
fungus infection would set in. I'm not sure about what else you might be
worried about regarding high humidity. Of course all of this assumes that
you live in a desert region. Most people don't realize that only the
Southern third of AZ is a desert.

Let me know your results!

Happy Growing,