VFT problem solved

Dhalsim/Raiden (bonito@thecity.sfsu.edu)
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 21:36:02 -0700 (PDT)

When I bought my VFT from the nursery, I used Aquafina brand bottled
water because it said it was pure. Then I read on this server and
in books that rain water and distilled water the best, so I switched to
Payless brand steam distilled water.
About 2 weeks ago, my new traps started to grow deformed, meaning
the "jaws" were of different length and the hairs around the jaws
were not there or short. 3 new traps were deformed to. Everyone I asked
said to check for aphids, but I didnt have any.
Today I decided to transplant it to fresh soil and I discovered that my
VFT's soil had so many white salt crystals it was unbelievable. It was
throughout the soil.

So this is my question: Could 2 and a half weeks of Aquafina brand
bottled water(which I later discovered had < 10 milligrams of
ingredients like salt per litre) have caused all this salt crystal
buildup or could it have been the Payless strore brand distilled water
which I used for 1 month. Isn't distilled water distilled water no matter
who puts it out on the market?
Thanks for any input.