Re: flowering and how to pollinate

Peter Cole (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 08:18:23 GMT

Dhalsim/Raiden writes:

> My nitulda X occidentalis (pygmy drosera) is sending up white
> flowers and so is my drosera aliciae. How do I make sure they get
> seed? I am not a botanist, so can you explain it in laymans terms!
> I think my capensis is a self pollinator so does that mean I don't
> have to worry about doing anything to the flowers and that I will
> automatically get seed?

Capensis and aliciae are self-pollinators - no need for any
action, just harvest the seed when the flower stalks dry out.
nitidula ssp. omissa * occidentalis ssp. occidentalis is a
sterile hybrid called D. 'Lake Badgerup' - it can't produce
seed, however you'll get copious gemmae in the winter to
propagate from. Hope this helps.

Happy growing,