Tree ferns/cites, PPN letter, VFT refrigerators

Philip Thomas (
Sun, 23 Jul 1995 16:20:21 -1000 (HST)

In case anyone is not familiar with CITES, it only applies to

How are 'tree ferns' listed on Apx. II? By family? Genus?

Thanks for letter to PPN! After reading the reply, I wonder about
whether the purported propagation by suppliers is ever validated...? I
guess "<us> people" will just do what we have to! ;)

Years ago when I grew VFTs, I used refrigeration to successfully induce
dormancy in VFTs and many other CPs. However, most SEUSA CPs seem to be
very tolerant of LOW outdoor temps. But, in all-year-round warm places
AND/OR places with not enough differences in day length (whatever this
translates to), refrigeration should work fine. (Make sure soil is not
soggy & that they won't dry out over a period of time--I suggest
freezer-quality ziploc-type bags. Check 'em every couple of weeks.)

AFN, -pt