Aaron Hicks (
Sat, 22 Jul 1995 17:51:52 -0600

Thanks for all the replies I've recieved.
I've been trying to compose a section on the Orchid FAQs (well, culture
sheets, really- it's too darned big for a FAQ!) on orchid media. I used to
use treefern a long time ago, and still have a small box of it, but I have
moved on to more suitable media.
I called up OFE International, the primary suppliers of orchid media
to The Teeming Millions, and they said, yes- it is becoming quite difficult
to recieive, and have to jump through CITES hoops to import it for media for
orchid growers, of course. It is becoming hard to get in, they said, owing to
the decreasing amount of it in the wild.
Again, I know this is probably of marginal interest to most CP
growers, but I thought I would check here for good information (which,
of course, I received :-), and thought I would send a message back to
anyone interested that YES, it is quite endangered, and to encourage
people to stop using the stuff, as other media is available to replace it.

Dept. of Geochemistry